Hoeseng Engineering & Trading Sdn.Bhd. was incorporated in the year of 1995 and specialized in the dust extraction ducting line system, spraying and coating industry. We create One -stop center which is including design, manufacture, maintenance and servicing. We call it as one-stop (DMMS) Center. As an ODM manufacturer, we are always involving ourselve in the sense of improving the product quality, studying the innovative design amd devoting our time to the acquisition of knowledge to produce the high efficiency working operation.

“Never say never” is the phrase that we kept in mind in order to giving the maximum servicing to customers and contributing our limited ability to society and country.


We are the Representative of Technology and Environment Protection. Specifications and design characteristics may be changed without prior notice. The greater efficiency and result can be achieved once we know our

  • Dust Extraction Ducting Line System
  • Blower Fan
  • Dust Storage Silo Tank
  • Cyclone
  • Dust Collector
  • Water Type Spraying Booth
  • Dry Type Spraying Booth
  • Conveyor c/w Oven System
  • Fresh Air Supply System