Blower Fan


Ventilator (Centrifugal Fan)

Dampers are sometimes installed in the ducts to control the flow of air. These are useful for balancing the airflow in different area. Other than the fan, the size of the ducts play a major part in the ventilation system. The fan and the ducts have to be matched properly in a good ventilation system. The speed of the air determines the noise level in the airflow. The branches in a ducting system are made of different sizes in line with the distribution system.

We have 4 different models of Ventilator in our product list:

  • HST (Pulley Drive)
  • HST-D (Direct Drive)
  • HS (Pulley Drive)
  • HS-D (Direct Drive)


With range of power from 2hp to 125hp this centrifugal fan can produce the air delivery up to 40000cfm and the static pressure is up to 24in.W.G.It is provided the pulley drive or direct drive depends on the required condition.


The centrifugal electro-ventilator may be oriented in any standard direction. They are normally supplied with the outlet upward vertically on the left side as view from inlet side. It is so useful in extraction of woodchips and sawdust and consider a great antipollution system.

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